About the Linux servers

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Accessing the Linux servers

Use the ssh command (Mac, Linux) or PuTTY (PuTTY EXE download) to access stdlinux.cse.ohio-state.edu with the username and password given to you at the beginning of the quarter (check your OSU email).

The CSE department has some guidance for how to remotely access the Linux servers. Look at the “Unix” section of that page. Wherever is says servername.cse.ohio-state.edu or facsun.cse.ohio-state.edu, use instead stdlinux.cse.ohio-state.edu

Also look at the Usernames & passwords section.

Linux tutorial

Here are some useful videos to help you get up to speed on Linux:

Programming languages

LanguageCompiler/interpreter commandVersion
FORTRANf77 or f953.4.6 (f77), 4.4.6 (f95)
Common Lispsbcl1.4.48

Other languages

Email me before you submit an assignment in a different language than one listed above. You can generally use any language you want as long as you let me know beforehand.

Submission instructions

When you are ready to submit files for a homework assignment, run the submit command like so:

submit c630aa hw1 myhw1

This example assumes your files are in the folder myhw1. Note that each time you submit, your prior submission will be erased.

Always submit an executable version of your code, plus the code itself. Also, always provide a README file that tells the grader how to compile and execute your code.

Do not submit Microsoft Word documents; submit a PDF or text file instead.

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