Homework 2

Table of Contents

Task (100 pts)

  • Code either breadth-first search or depth-first search in whatever programming language you wish. Solve the “Routing from Dreese Labs to Goodale Park” problem on the search practice notes.
  • What are some admissible heuristics for the 8-puzzle problem? Give at least two.
  • The “Routing from Dreese Labs to Goodale Park” used road intersection distance to find the minimal-time route. However, this distance (“as the crow flies,” i.e. distance not accounting for curved roads) is only one aspect of what makes one route better than another. What other information should we use to find the truly minimal-time route between these two locations?
  • For unweighted search graphs, which of the following search algorithms are complete? Which are optimal? What about weighted graphs?
    • Breadth-first search, depth-first search, random search, best-first search, hill-climbing search, A* search
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